Short Term Courses

Diploma In Front Office Operations

Duration : 1.5 yrs

Qualification : Senior Secondary (10+2) or equivalent with English as a subject.

Course Description: Front office is a business term that refers to a company’s departments that come in contact with clients, including the marketing, sales, and service departments. In the hotel industry, the front office (also known as front desk) welcomes guests to the accommodation section: meeting and greeting them, taking and organizing reservations, allocating check in and out of rooms, organizing porter service, issuing keys and other security arrangements, passing on messages to customers and settling the accounts. Why Front Office is Important because Hotel’s First impressions are important, most definitely. Yet in the hotel industry, last impressions and every contact in between are equally vital. Front desk staff is essentially the “face” of business. From the moment they greet the guests until the final checkout, their professionalism and service leave a lasting impression. The person working in this department must be able to handle complaints courteously, resolve guest problems expediently, and train the rest of the front office staff to do so as well.

This Diploma course in Front Office Operations is aimed at those interested in pursuing a career in front office operations. While primarily aimed at the hospitality sector, the course provides learners with the knowledge, skills and competencies for employment in a receptionist, front office, or administrative role in a modern office environment. Through this course the students will have wide range of distinct skills enabling them to work successfully and to contribute effectively to the efficient operations of a front office environment.

Career opportunities after pursuing this programme are excellent. Those who successfully complete the programme will be highly employable within the sectors such as Front desk agent, Guest Services agent, Receptionist, Guest Services Supervision and Front Desk Supervision and many more in medium to large scale hotels, corporate houses, Airlines, Hospitals and allied service sectors.

Diploma In Food And Beverage Service

Duration : 1.5 yrs

Qualification : Senior Secondary (10+2) or equivalent with English as a subject.

Course Description: Food and Beverage (F&B) department is the heart of the hospitality industry, with one of the largest department as food and beverage quality is the yard-stick which measures success for the establishment. The diploma course in food and beverage is aimed at providing basic F&B knowledge to the students, and in addition to equip the students with skill sets to enable a lower level job in the F&B sector. Students interested in preparing for a food service profession can enrol in this food and beverage Diploma program. This program typically offers food and beverage studies which are the perfect way to kick off one’s college education and break into a successful career in an industry that is expected to only continue growing over the next decade.

The aim of the Food & Beverage Operations module is to provide students with an understanding of the operational & supervisory aspects of running a food & beverage operation or an international clientele in a range of establishments. To encourage an appreciation of the origins of such systems & to understand the various factors involved in meeting customer needs. Students will gain an understanding of food & beverage & its service in a variety of styles of restaurant & establishments & they will have sufficient knowledge to produce a broad plan for specified food & beverage operations.

An array of jobs available in the selected sector – Wine Server, Night club, Food and Beverage Server, Catering, Beverage Services, Bartender etc.

The course provides specialized hands-on training for achieving highest standards of Food and Beverage services, including hygiene and sanitation as required.

Diploma In Bakery And Confectionary

Duration : 1.5 yrs

Qualification : Senior Secondary (10+2) or equivalent with English as a subject

Course Description: This course is an entry level program wherein the various aspects of bakery and pastry are introduced with extensive hands-on training. The focus will be on intricate science of baking as well as the creative aspect of making various baked products. Students will be able to make rationale use of ingredients & equipment effectively & efficiently. The students are also able to master this skill by learning simple techniques which opens another avenue of becoming a successful entrepreneur.

The program has been specifically designed to meet industry demands for entry level. Whether you aspire to work within a large company or want to pursue your own baking business, the fundamental baking skills you learn in this culinary arts program will get you there.

Diploma In House Keeping

Duration : 1.5 yrs

Qualification : Senior Secondary (10+2) or equivalent with English as a subject

Course Description: The Housekeeping department takes pride in keeping the hotel clean and comfortable, so as to create a ‘Home away from home’. The aim of all accommodation establishments is to provide their customers with clean, attractive, comfortable and welcoming surrounding that offer value for money. Among the various revenues, the sale of rooms, constitute a minimum of 50%. The House-Keeping department creates the facilities, services in the room and that is what a tourist hotel is selling. House-Keeping department deals with providing cleanliness, comfort and aesthetic value of any place such as cleaning of guest room, corridors and public areas in a hotel to ensure that the standard of the hotel is maintained. This unit does the decor and design, room layout, selecting proper linen, curtains, carpets, flower arrangement etc.

It is a job oriented Diploma course aimed to create such personnel for the industry. It can be classified as a vocational course that focuses on the hospitality sector. After completing the course, candidates will be able to find work in the hospitality sector. This sector is growing at a healthy rate in India. New opportunities are being created each day. Some of the common places where one may find a job are Hotels, Resorts, Tour and Travel Agencies, Restaurants, Lodges & Guest Houses etc.

Diploma In Food Production

Duration : 1.5 yrs

Qualification : Senior Secondary (10+2) or equivalent with English as a subject.

Course Description: Why is introduction to culinary arts essential in hospitality world?.
Becoming a chef is a career long process. Cooking is a dynamic profession – one that provides some of the greatest challenges as well as some of the greatest rewards. Learners will be exposed to the required international standard by inculcating required set of knowledge skill and mindset which assists them both in professional and personal front. It teaches many ‘tricks of the trade’ and will fuel a desire in students to take up kitchen operations as an exciting career.

Keeping in mind the growing demand of educated manpower in the culinary world, the module will focus on introduction to culinary arts with emphasis on basics of French Cuisine, essential commodities, culinary techniques, equipment and processes.

Craftsmanship Course In Food Production & Patisserie

Duration : 1.5 yrs

Qualification : Pass class 10 of 10+2 System From Any Recognized Board

Craftsmanship Course In Food Production And Patisserie: If one is looking for a career in food production & patisserie such as setting up a business enterprise of international standards or qualifying to take up employment as a Commis / Assistant Chef in the Hospitality Industry, this vocational qualification will initiate you on the right path. One & Half Year Food Production and Patisserie Course is designed to impart training to the students in the area of food production and patisserie where students would be learning theory and practicals on fundamentals of food production, baking techniques, thorough knowledge of Indian cuisines and initiation to international cuisines. The students are imparted with the training on carving fruits, vegetables and ice sculptures.


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