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The Literary Club is a place where students can meet to read and write. Club members meet to discuss books and the craft of writing whereas literary Club is more than just a club for reading and writing; it is also a place where students can come to share their insights on politics, life, and professional issues. We welcome anyone and everyone with a passion for writing, reading, and creativity. The club offers a competing platform for the knowledge-hungry students. It promises to cultivate a passion for quizzing, Debating, creative writing, literature, Elocution, etc. among the students. Literary club is to develop self-efficacy and confidence and would help to enhance the general knowledge base. It develops excellent communication skills and teaches students to think spontaneously and logically.


इस वेब साइट की सामग्री होटल प्रबंधन संस्थान, खानपान प्रौद्योगिकी और अनुप्रयुक्त पोषण संस्थान के स्वामित्व में है और केवल सामान्य जानकारी या उपयोग के लिए है।


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